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Table Lamp "GRADIENT"

Table Lamp "GRADIENT"

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Introducing our updated version of the GRADIENT table lamp! Based on customer feedback, we have added a "diffuser cap" to the design, reducing glare from the top and enhancing the overall look of the lamp. Our new cap is precisely laser cut, snaps in place, and can be easily removed. This diffuser cap is now included with your purchase, adding a new level of functionality to this already unique piece.

Crafted from bioplastic PLA derived from corn, this 3d printed table lamp will surely make a statement in any room. The gradient pattern creates a mesmerizing effect, emitting different tones of light that add a touch of modern elegance to your living room, study desk, or reading nook. The shade's 3d modeled design allows light to pass through at varying intensities, resulting in a bold and eye-catching pattern.

When turned off, the shade appears in a timeless cotton white color, but once you turn it on, the color may appear warmer or cooler depending on the color temperature of your chosen LED bulb. Please note that it is crucial to use an LED bulb rather than an incandescent one, as they can get very hot and potentially damage your lamp.

To ensure stability, the lamp base is weighted, preventing any tipping over. Additionally, a cork base has been added to the bottom as an anti-slip and anti-scratch surface.

This lamp comes with a 5.5 ft long cord. Please note that the bulb is not included. Please use an E26 aka “medium” base LED bulb. The bulb must be LED to avoid overheating .

Don't miss out on this unique and innovative table lamp that not only adds a touch of style but also incorporates eco-friendly materials. With a print time of 16 hours, this lamp is a labor of love that will surely brighten up your space.

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