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Nightstand Lamp

Nightstand Lamp

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This bedside table lamp, 3d printed in bioplastic PLA, will add a unique look to your living room, study desk, or reading nook.

This lamp is smaller than some of our other designs, and requires an E12 rather than E26 bulb. The smaller size makes it a great choice for a small night stand table next to your bed. The soft warm glow is perfect for night reading when you are trying to decompress from a long day. A great option for evening activities like journaling or drawing.

The shade is a cotton white color when turned off. When on, the shade may appear warmer or cooler in color depending on the color temperature of your chosen light bulb. Please be sure to use an LED bulb and not an incandescent bulb, because incandescent bulbs get very hot and cold melt your lamp.

The lamp base is weighted to prevent tipping. The base also has a silicone ring around the bottom to provide additional stability.

Material: bioplastic PLA derived from corn

Print time: 14 hours

Cord: 5.5 ft long, white color, with a switch about 12" from the base of the lamp.

Bulb: Not included. Requires E12 base. Please use an LED bulb to make sure the shade doesn't get too hot.

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